Tested effective against SARS-COV-2 (Covid-19).


The MMXX Viroblocker Glove is sold as a pair and has been developed as a durable fingerless mitt designed to fit all.


The flexible material allows many normal tasks to be performed uninhibited, including the ability to still use your phone whilst wearing.


All surfaces, equipment, tools and textiles can harbour the Covid virus for up to 48 hours. Wearing the MMXX hand cover will protect and kill any active virus transmitted by contact. Rubber, latex and nitrile gloves protect the wearer from direct contact with infected surfaces. But when touched spread the virus to every surface contacted indiscriminately.


The MMXX glove uses micro fibre multi filament hypoallergenic polyamide yarns which do not deteriorate and can be washed and worn day after day; reusable, rewearable and hand/machine washable.


The MMXX Viroblocker Glove has been specially treated with Antiviral finish. Antiviral tested after 30 minutes.The Vesicle defence stays for 30 washes, giving 240 hours of wear over 8 hour days.  The Silver stays for 50 washes, giving a further 160 hours of wear to total 400 hours of defence. 


• With Lycra


Antiviral & Antibacterial finish


• Reduced risk and reduces spread


• Environmentally friendly


• Machine washable 40°


Ideal for work environments, back to school, shopping, door handles, stair rails, hospitals, commuting and public transport.


No glove is 100% effective and it is still vital to follow guidance from Public Health England.


• Please wash hands with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds.

• Use hand sanitisers were possible.

• Avoid touching your face and the glove itself.


When removing the glove, to confirm no contamination of the gloves surface is touched we advise to remove as follows;

• Start by pulling the rib cuff section back over the fingers, so the glove is inside out.

• Wash hands after removal to be sure.

• Do not rewear the gloves until after washing if you suspect any contamination may have occurred.

We strongly suggest to wash the MMXX Glove each night.


*We advise to still wash hands whenever possible and to wash the gloves if you feel contamination may have occured and at the end of each day.


**Please note that these gloves are for personal use only and are not intended as medical devices or personal protective equipment (PPE).

MMXX Viroblocker Glove

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MMXX Mask - Increased Protection

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